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Super Drain are the leading experts in oil interceptor servicing and maintenance, the company’s expertise being sought by a rising number of oil interceptor Dublin customers. An oil interceptor is used in service stations, parking garages, machine shops, industrial plants, or any commercial or manufacturing premises where there is a possibility that a spill of oil may occur and discharged water might contain oil, sediment or other liquids. However, the oil interceptor unit must be cleaned regularly for effective operation. The interceptor works by separating and collecting any solids or sludge from water, and separating oils and other light density substances, producing oil-free water for discharge. However, the build-up of oil, silt and debris within an interceptor increases the risk of forecourt or driveway flooding and may also allow hydrocarbons to pollute aquifers and watercourses.



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Super Drain recommends that its Oil Interceptor Dublin customers avail of the company’s expert Interceptor Service at least once every six months. Our technicians will visit your premises, inspect your interceptor unit, empty the device and refill it, all without any delay or disruption to your business. By keeping your oil interceptor unit clean and serviceable, you minimise the risk of environmental pollution, or any nuisance factor arising from forecourt or driveway floodingl. Contact the experts at Super Drain for further information about our first class Interceptor Service.


Super Drain – Specialists in Oil Interceptors

Cleaning and servicing of an Interceptor appliance should be left to the experts, and Super Drain offers servicing arrangements that can be tailored to the requirements of your site and business. Out customers can expect the highest quality standards in all aspects of interceptor cleaning and servicing. Call Super Drain today for the best guidance on keeping your oil interceptors in serviceable condition at all times.