Super Drain’s Recycler is an individually planned and innovatively constructed, high-performance vacuum pump tanker for municipal and private service providers.



 Areas of application

  • Pipe cleaning, hydrodynamic
  • Sewer cleaning, hydrodynamic
  • Sewer cleaning (continuous) with water treatment (recycling)
  • Surface cleaning
  • Cleaning insides of tanks
  • Industrial cleaning


  • Discharge by free flow
  • Discharge by pressurisation of vacuum pump
  • Discharge by pneumatic discharge piston (expulsion piston)
  • Multiple compartment system (optional)
  • Combined operation of suction and high-pressure rinsing
  • fixed and variable water compartments

Water treatment

  • continuous automatically working waste water treatment
  • thereby continuous suction-rinsing operation on-site
  • no need for trips to freshwater tanks
  • 8-stage water treatment system via displacement, coarse filter, pre-filter, waste water pump, cyclones, cascade, settling tanks etc.

The Recycler surpasses any other drain cleaning machinery available. The key to its superiority is that it is capable of recycling water from waste which allows Super Drain to do four times the work of a normal Jet Vacuum Unit. This machine can fill from rivers, streams and sewers rather than using clean drinking water from a hydrant, this means that the machine never has to leave site to take on water. The deep suction capacity of the machine means it can also be used for the cleaning out of pump stations and treatment plants in a quick and safe manner.