About Super Drain

Established in 1997, Super Drain, a private limited company, is recognised as a major player in the provision of environmental services to the private and public sectors. Its customer base includes Irish & Irish based international companies as well as local councils and government bodies.It is technically and professionally equipped to handle environmental emergencies. To respond to such events, it remains open on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis.

About Grease Management

Our environmental service division, through its technical and scientific staff, provides advice on issues impacting on the proper management of grease traps and their by-products. This includes supply, installation and servicing as well as guidance on the increasingly demanding statutory regulations governing their presence in restaurants and other catering establishments. Super Drain holds all relevant licenses and permits essential for the safe haulage and disposal of hazardous and non hazardous waste. It operates a multi-task fleet, which includes vacuum tankers, customized jetting, cctvsurveying, pipe patching and relining vehicles.

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About Grease Traps

Grease trap is the collective name for any device which traps fats, oils and grease in drain lines. Their installation is mandatory for all commercial properties either preparing or producing food for public consumption. There are two designs in common use. The passive variety with internal barriers, traps solids and free-floating oils. The electro mechanical, anundersink unitincorporating a skimming device and fulfilling a similiar purpose.

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