Grease Trap Cleaning

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Super Drain – leading providers of Grease Trap Cleaning Dublin services

Super Drain offers a comprehensive and highly skilled set of service solutions for its Grease Trap Cleaning Dublin customers. All food operators in Ireland are legally required to hold a Discharge to Sewer Licence, and must at all times demonstrate compliance with the conditions of this Discharge to Sewer Licence. This requires the installation and ongoing maintenance of a correctly sized grease trap—a grease recovery unit, which restricts waste from fats, oils and grease from entering the public sewer. Grease Traps are required for all commercial premises that produce food for public consumption.


Super Drain is standing by to help with your Grease Trap Cleaning Needs

Super Drain offers an expert and comprehensive service for its Grease Trap Cleaning Dublin operations.  Whether customers require a grease trap to be fitted or emptied, Super Drain’s skilled personnel are available to assist commercial food outlets to ensure compliance with the regulations in a timely, safe and efficient manner. Super Drain has a valid waste collection permit, and the company operates a fleet of dedicated vacuum tanker and drain cleaning vans which helps Super Drain ensure that any work is conducted in a manner that does not entail delay to the food service operator.


Super Drain — compliant and certified Grease Trap Cleaning Service Providers

There are two basic designs of Grease Trap—a passive trap/interceptor, and an under-sink container that incorporates a mechanical skimming device. Prior to 2001, there were no set guidelines governing the size, design or maintenance of such traps. However, the NSAI standard EN 1825-2:2000, operated by the country’s local authorities, specifies sizing criteria, as well as specifying minimum maintenance requirements on the licence holder to empty, clean and refill the Grease Trap with clean water over a specified timeframe. Super Drain’s technicians are well versed in all aspects of the NSAI standard, and issue its customers with a disposal certificate for all waste removed, which documents the customer’s compliance with the statutory requirements.