Jet Vac

Super Drain offers a fleet of 4 Jet-Vac tanker units, combining traditional jetting and vacuuming capabilities into a single vehicle. This offers a flexible work unit that is further enhanced by a wide range of configuration options.

The combined jetting and vacuum sections are divided using a movable piston and 3 sets of pneumatically locking bolts; allowing multiple configurations to the 10,000-litre holding tank.
  • Cyclone filters provide one of the quietest tanker operations in  Ireland.
  • Each Flex Line 310 tanker can be remote controlled.
  • Jetting performance up to 391 litres per minute at a maximum pressure of 140 bar.
  • Vacuum suction up to 1200m3 per hour, capable of lifting solids or liquids
  • Fully automatic end cover for disposal of solids
  • Rear mounted hydraulic suction hosing allows reduced set-up times, with the additional option of pre-set vacuum suction for each pipe diameter.
  • “Hot shift” PTO system removes the necessity for the driver to climb in and out of cab.